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Appointment of members of CPCS

    The Secretary for Economy and Finance, Lei Wai Nong, has appointed the members of the Standing Committee for the Coordination of Social Affairs in Order No. 52/2020 of Secretary for Economy and Finance. The details are as follows:

    Members of the Executive Committee:

    Representatives from the administrative authorities – Wong Chi Hong (coordinator), Tai Kin Ip (deputy coordinator);

    Representatives from the employers’ organizations –Vong Kok Seng, Wang Sai Man;

    Representatives from the employees’ organizations – Choi Kam Fu, Lam Cheong U.

    Members of employers’ organizations:

    Full members: Ip Sio Kai, Mok Chi Wai and Fong Son Kin;

    Substitutes: Wong Pan Seng, Kou Chi Leong and Fong Kin Fu.

    Members of employees’ organizations:

    Full members: Leong Wai Fong, Lou Kun Peng and Huang Wei;

    Substitutes: Chio Pou Wan, Sou Pedro and Ng Chi Peng.

    Chan Un Tong has been appointed as secretary-general of the CPCS.

    The above Order will come into effect on 17th April 2020.