2019 Annual Plan

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2019Annual Plan
  • Comments on the proposal for increasing the maximum amount of the basic monthly remuneration used to calculate dismissal compensation as provided in Law No. 7/2008 “Labour Relations Law”;
  • Discussion on the research report on the social conditions necessary to start the discussion on “Trade Union Law”;
  • Comments on the bill for “Law for Occupational Safety and Health in the Construction Industry” ;
  • Review of the compensation limits for work accidents and occupational diseases as provided in Decree-law No. 40/95/M “Employees’ Compensation Insurance Ordinance”;
  • Review of the law enforcement situation concerning “Minimum Wage for Cleaning and Security Employees in the Property Management Services”;
  • Discussion on the bill for “Part-time Labour Relations Law”;
  • Discussion on the amendment to Article 6 on hiring of Law No. 21/2009 “Law for the Employment of Non-resident Workers”;
  • Fulfilment of the provisions of the International Labour Convention No.144;
  • Association recognition and renewal of recognized associations;
  • Other issues that the Administration will consider necessary to be discussed.