Application for Switching to another Sector

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    Legal grounds
    According to Article 32 of the Law no. 12/2000 "Voter Registration Law" republished in full by the Chief Executive's Dispatch no. 390/2008, a legal person having been recognized as belonging to a particular sector can apply for switching to another sector. The original recognition will expire once the application is approved.
    Required documents
    1. Sector recognition application form
    2. Certificates issued by the Identification Services Bureau within the past three months, showing the registration of the legal person and the name list of the members of the governing body;
    3. A copy of the permanent resident identity card of the legal person representative;
    4. A copy of the statutes on the establishment of the legal person and related amendments published in the Official Gazette of the Macao Special Administrative Region;
    5. A copy of the minutes of meeting, stating the governing body's decision on applying for the switch to another sector and the appointment of a representative for this purpose, and should bring the original of this minutes for verification purpose;
    6. Other information deemed necessary to apply for the switch to another sector (for instance, records or proof of activities done in the past two years).

    1. Applications must be submitted in person to the CPCS at Travessa 1º de Maio, Edifício Advance Plaza, r/c, 32-G Macau (behind the Labour Affairs Bureau). Applications submitted by mail, fax or e-mail are not accepted;
    2. When necessary, the CPCS will require applicants to provide additional information to analyse their applications;
    3. The legal person representative must initial and chop on each page;
    4. The application will only be proceeded upon full submission of required documents;
    5. For inquiry, please contact us at: 2871 1822 / 2871 2751.